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Welcome to London Recruitment, one central website listing London jobs and recruitment agencies. This website was acquired by CSE in August 2006 and will shortly be integrated into the LondonOnline network of websites.

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Recruitment agencies - The LondonRecruitment.com jobs website will be launching in early 2007 and we will be inviting recruitment agencies and employers to add job vacancies. All jobs uploaded into LondonRecruitment.com will also be featured on one of London's busiest websites - LondonOnline.

Initially our job board services will be launched in beta stage, and we will have a limited number of free trials available to recruitment agencies and employers. This will enable us to launch the site and because the jobs will also be advertised across the LondonOnline website, this will enable agencies and employers to advertise their positions to LondonOnline's millions of visitors AT NO CHARGE.

If you would like to take part in our free trial, please secure your place here.

London facts and figures

The population of Greater London is approximately 7.5 million. London's urban area extends beyond the borders of Greater London and is home to more than 8 million people. The wider metropolitan area and commuter belt has a population of 12 - 14 million depending on the definition of the boundaries.

The city is one of the world's three global economy financial centres along side New York City and Tokyo. London is also Europe's largest city economy. Greater London generated 181 billion in 2004 and the wider metropolitan area generated approximately 300 billion, roughly a third of the UK's GDP.

London jobs pay substantially more than jobs in the rest of the UK - on average about 20% higher. Many organisations pay staff a higher salary due to London weighting. London employees earn the highest average income in the UK averaging 38,500 per household.

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